Diving Bell


The converted stable is the main recording performance area , with a main live area, an isolation booth and 2 further amp cupboards. This space has been acoustically designed and treated presenting the musical performance without any unwanted artefacts from room modes.

Performances can be played together or separated out for further sonic control between sound sources. The room is pretty dry but further ambience can be added in by various techniques depending on the projects needs.

Diving Bell


There is a variety of mic type and manufacturer available being sent to high end pre amps like neve api , decca and universal audio through an analogue path before making its conversion into protools through apogee convertors.

On the performance side there is classic guitar and bass heads and amps like Marshall, Ac30 and Fender silver face along with Ludwig, DW and other hardware and cymbals for the rhythm.

There is also a well appointed piano situated next to the studio in a large Victorian billiard room that can be arranged into a session. There is also various synths and a Vox continental for some keys.