Diving Bell


This process involves mic on instrument selection, phase checking and external processing back into the analogue domain to add further colour effects and the sound of outboard electronics before rebalancing back into protools . There is also track/ file management along with a subtractive sculpting process to be employed as a mix is built up.

In the control room there is a range of speaker types to establish a feel of frequency blend and balance that will allow a mix to translate onto different music formats and systems. By mixing in protools there is also powerful and easy editing to be employed along with effects if further needed.

Diving Bell


Is the last step between mixing and replication. Adding the final touch that makes a record sound finished and playable on a variety of systems. The key to a great master is to start with a great mix.

A great mix can be gleamed from a well written song with a good arrangement and performance.

Sonic magic comes from the hard work you put into using your tools, imagination and ability and musical magic comes from the music itself.

The finished result is from the synergistic totality of all the increments, components and hard work put in. Depending on the final treatment required will depend on the signal chain constructed to achieve this, there is also a Studer A 80 quarter inch tape machine available to finalise the sound.